Japan - Day One

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I'm letting myself teleport into that time when the trip was just a plan until it finally was day one of our unforgettable trip to the land of the rising sun. We arrived at the Kansai Airport around 7:30pm and as suspected, the line for the Immigration took forever! Upon finishing after 3 hours, Cory and I had to ride the train from the airport to Tennoji Station because the hotel where we stayed for a night does not have a shuttle service and as advised, taking the train would be much cheaper than riding a cab. 

I did not think that it would be so hard to find a hotel. Even if there were so many directions and signs, we still managed to get lost. When we finally found where Osaka Marriot Miyako Hotel was located, we could not wait to check-in and it was just too bad that we arrived so late, we had no choice but to order room service for dinner. Basically, our first night was a waste but the hotel food and the beautiful room gave us a good rest. 

Here are some of the photos during our first day. 

I literally wanted to try out every single Onigiri but due to a lack of time, I got the one at the lower right of the photo. Without a doubt, it was so legit and tastes so good!
Finally found where the hotel was located and it's on the 19th floor of a building and the only way to go there is by train - or at the least if you/re not on a tight budget, a cab would be convenient. Either way, the adventure is worth it!
Their kitchen's open until two in the morning and this is what we ordered for our midnight dinner: Rice Balls (it's like a make-your-own Onigiri!), beef noodles, miso soup and tea. It tastes so legit.

This basically is our first night. It's actually my first time in Japan so you're going to be reading how amazed I am of this country. Mind you, this hotel's bathroom is not like the other hotels where the shower area and the toilet area are in one room. The toilet area is near the main door and man, I am so amazed! Their toilet seat have so many functions. There's a button attached to its side where you can press a button for changing the temperature of the seat - a button for washing a number 1 and a button for washing a number 2! The toilet seat closes and opens automatically too! Okay, enough of that. It's not much but the next days would be much more interesting.

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