Japan - Day Three

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I think our third day is the most tiring day ever! I have never walked so much in my life that my legs were already giving up on me. I had to buy ankle wraps after our adventure inside the theme park - that's how sore my feet were! I have been dancing for almost 20 years and this is actually the first time I bought ankle wraps! Despite the fact that if my legs had its own brain, it would have detached itself from my body and flew back home to the Philippines, we managed to get through this day by spending it in one of the happiest places on Earth and seeing one of the majestic places I have ever seen - The Universal Studios and the Osaka Castle!

We woke up earlier than the usual because we did not want to arrive at the Universal Studios gate with a long line waiting for us. So, the same routine went on but this time, we took the train from Kami-Shinjo Station to Umeda Station and then searched for the train that would take us straight to Universal Studios. Yes, Universal Studios has its own train station!

When we arrived the Universal Studios, there's a stretch of restaurants and shops that's a 5-10-minute walk before reaching the main gate. My hunch was right. The line was not a long stretch! Good thing we left early! It was just unfortunate because we were not able to avail the Express Pass 7! Although, it was not much of a difference from the ticket we purchased because we were still able to see and ride some attractions and watched the amazing parade!

*For those who don’t know, Express 7 lets your ride the 7 most popular USJ attractions without waiting in line.

Let me walk you through our adventure inside the Universal Studios with these photos.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

We sure had fun and we sure felt like we were little girls, except that we don't have our parents to carry us, buy us food, and bring our things around anymore LOL.

The Osaka Castle

After our adventure in USJ, we were so exhausted that we almost decided to head back home and just forget about seeing the Osaka Castle. But we did not because it’s the only time we could see it. So we took off and took the train from the USJ station to Nishikujō station to Ōsakajōkōen station and walked to what seemed to me like a 45-minute to an hour walk to the Osaka Castle. It was too far but we did not want to spend on taxis or buses, so we walked and I wanted to throw in a rant! But when I saw how beautiful the castle was while struggling my way up, my jaw dropped. It was so beautiful!

The field we passed by going to the castle.
Look at those details!

It was just too bad that the castle closes at 6pm. We were actually hoping that we'll be able to see what's inside of an actual castle, but we settled for Hogwarts anyway. It started raining while Cory and I were resting and we did not have any umbrellas with us. Luckily, there was an old man who gave us one of his own umbrellas. He was such a sweetheart!

This pretty much wraps up the whole adventure for our third day. I hope you were entertained with the pictures as much as we enjoyed our experience! I can still remember how tired I was now that I'm actually writing about it.

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