Japan - Day Four

by - 9:21 PM

As usual, Cory and I woke up early to catch our train. Going to Kyoto from Kami-Shinjō Station was an hour long ride to Karasuma Station. It was not hard for us to look for a bike rental because it was just right outside the station. The view right outside the station was already breathtaking. 

Our whole Kyoto experience was a blast, not to mention the times we got lost! If you're able to read my other blogs about our trip, we already did a lot of walking that I had ankle wraps on me the whole time. So, we just had to let our feet be - sore as ever, then we rested at Starbucks. We met a few people who helped us find the best ramen restaurant for dinner. So after a few minutes, we started walking (again). They told us that it's just a few minutes away but we were not able to locate the restaurant. We still managed to eat at a legit ramen restaurant, thanks to the old lady on a bike who made us walk for an hour or so. It was actually the first time my mind was trying to do all its might to tell my feet not to give up and to not get irritated. Again, we had to walk a couple of blocks to go to the nearest bus stop to get us to the train station. It was a very long day for Cory and I but everything we did and all the amazing places we saw and went to and the food we ate, the walking and getting lost were experiences we will never forget. Ever.

Here are the photos of the people we met, the places we saw, the food we ate and a whole lot more.




 Ending our adventure with the most legit ramen I've ever tasted!

It was such a tiring and fun experience seeing these amazing views and places right in front of my eyes. The Japanese people are so warm despite the language barrier. That's the thing about travelling, you get to meet new people, indulge their delicacies, be one with them in the culture that's so much different from ours - and it's the most amazing experience ever. This trip is definitely unforgettable.

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