Japan - Day Two

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Our second day is pretty much the start of discovering what Osaka, Japan have in store for us. We woke up early to eat at the breakfast buffet of the hotel. Cory told me that it's okay to take out food from the hotel buffet as long as you have your own container or a ziplock. I was not able to bring my own ziplock but Cory did so she took out pastries and a jam to bring to our next destination.

Here are photos of how we started our adventure and it was tiring yet amazing!

A tourist shot at the lobby (and a blurred one too). These stars symbolizes an important event  called Tanabata and in honor of this event, the Japanese generally celebrates it by writing their wishes, sometimes in the form of poetry on pieces of paper and hangs them  on these bamboos and sets it afloat on a boat or burns it after the festival.

After checking out, we took the train from the Hankyu Railway Station to Kami-Shinjō since we're renting Mizuki's place which Cory got from airbnb. When we got to the station, we got lost because the directions and landmarks were very hard to find. We had to ask around because if we didn't, we'd probably waste a lot of our time finding Mizuki's place. While walking around, I noticed the abundance of vending machines all over the place. They have all sorts of drinks and you're never gonna get thirsty walking around. 

When we got to Mizuki's place after an hour, we just dropped our luggages headed back to the train station to go to Shinsaibashi, the main shopping area of Osaka. There were so many shops here - there's a covered shopping area where Japanese stores are located, an American-themed shopping area where you'll find luxury shops as well, the famous Glico, the Don Quijote store where you can buy pasalubong for your friends and family. 

This day was filled with so much running and getting lost in and out of the train stations but it was all worth it. When we got back to Mizuki's place, she was already there. She was so nice and accommodating and can speak English very well. We spent our night getting to know our host and since she's mostly our age, it was not very hard to bond with her. 


 Our dinner at Benitora Ken!

It was such a tiring day for us but mainly because we got lost 80% of the adventure. We still managed to look for which train station should we hop into because Cory said that Kami-Shinjo station closes at 11pm. Surprisingly, we made it! We walked for almost 15-30 minutes from the train station to Mizuki's house since we're not yet familiar which streets should we turn left or right. It was still a good night and we could not wait for the next adventure since we're heading for Universal Studios and the Osaka Castle on our third day!

Click here for our Universal Studios and the Osaka Castle adventure! You'll be seeing The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and how majestic the Osaka Castle is at night! ♡

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