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A little bit about Cha

Cha is a girl born in 1987 and a proud Filipina. She started her blog in 2015 but never really got around being active on it. She is a dancer, a preschool teacher, a choreographer, and an event’s coordinator. She believes that there’s no way she could predict her future so, she just takes her life on a day-to-day experience. She’s a person filled with hope, passion and most especially, courage. She’s still figuring out her life’s purpose but she’s pretty sure she’s going to get her dream.

She doesn’t want talking about her family, so as disclosure, she’ll never write about them. Well, maybe, maybe not. She’s grown up to be a cowboy and the one of the boys’ type of girl in her neighborhood. At a very young age, she’s experienced dealing with her problems alone, most especially when she realized that all she needed to rely on was her self. From then, she built her self with courage.

She is a very positive person and she believes that it’s a very good approach to everyday struggles. She’s a lover of life and wants to inspire other people through her craft, her works and her blog.

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